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The benefits of Avocado Oil are well known! The pulp of fleshy yellow-green pear-shaped fruit fruit is expeller pressed and refined to obtain Avocado Oil, which can potentially be used to boost the appeal of your personal care product!

Golden Touch 100% Natural Avocado Oil

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  • Country of Origin: Italy, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Chile, Guatemala
    Botanical Name: Persea americana
    Common Names: Abokado, Aguacate, Alligator Pear, Avocado
    Parts Used: Pulp of Avocado Fruit
    Form: Liquid
    Color: Clear to Pale Yellow
    Scent: Slightly Rich Fatty; Almost Odorless
    Natural: Yes
    Extraction Method: Expeller Pressed
    Refinement Status: Refined